It Fell from a Very High Place on the Very Same Day I Thought of Jumping Myself

by Larkin Grimm

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I wrote this album in December of 2002 right after being released from the Yale New Haven Hospital after a suicide attempt. This was the first music I ever made, and it came out of me effortlessly, but also like a purging. This was before I discovered how to make myself happy through my spiritual life. Before Shamanism, before Yoga, before music became my career. Just the depths of misery. Listen with awareness that it contains triggering subject matter for anyone who has experienced a deep depression. I'm so glad I survived to make this album, and all the magical, healing music that came after. I was only 21 at the time, and I had no idea how beautiful and filled with adventure my life would become just a few years later.


released January 1, 2003

Larkin Grimm recorded this album alone at Vintage Music in Dahlonega Georgia and in the Yale University dorms.
Larkin sang and played all the instruments



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Track Name: Truly Truly Something Else
Truly Truly, Something else should have been done, but all night I slept with my face so close to your face and your bed, perpendicular to mine, our pillows meeting at the point where joint met joint. Well my hand was at rest on your mattress trying hard not to touch your skin. The smell is so strong and I want you. I want you. I don't know how I slept. You said, "Do you have any idea how fucked up I am? Do you have any idea?" I said, "No I don't think I really understand. Oh, show me."