Chasing an Illusion

by Larkin Grimm

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Your prison could be a cage on Rikers Island. Your prison could be your body. Your prison could be your mind. Your prison could be a society that won't allow you to thrive, to be free, to speak, or to grow. This song is for all those wrongfully imprisoned. Dream yourself free.


River of concrete
Forest of iron bars,
If I could see the stars
Maybe I could dream.

My heart is empty
My soul is empty too
I feel dead inside,
Don't you?

Because it's never the right time,
Never the right love for you,
I drag you out to the edge of the water.
I don't want you, I don't accept you,
And I don't need your "wisdom".

My heart is empty
My soul is empty too
I feel dead inside,
Don't you?

Slowly claim the one that died,
Floating across the river wide,
In a canoe made of dreams,
Drifting like the fallen leaves.
Broken apart and humbled,
Let my passion burn out,
Even cement will crumble,
Eroded by the rain of doubt.

Waves come and waves go,
The river reverses her flow,
Brackish tides mix black water
With the cold fresh river.
How can love flow,
How could you not know?
This is not your time, time, time.

My heart is empty.
My soul is empty too.
I feel dead inside,
Don't you?

My world was never safe.


released March 8, 2016
Larkin Grimm: voice and dulcimer
Margaret Morris: spoken word
Heru Shabaka Ra: trumpet and spoken word
Devin Waldman: sax and Realistic synth
Alec Spiegelman: bass clarinet
Jesse Sparhawk: harp
Ben Davis: Bass
Jeremy Gustin: drums



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Larkin Grimm New York, New York


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